Silverfrost was watching the clan she grew up in from the ground. She couldn't have a good view. She then realized something as a cry came out. The medicine cat ran out of the leaders den. "(whoever)star is dead! Silverfrost, you must become leader." Silverfrost nodded. "I shall. While I am away, I would like to apoint (whoever) as deputy. Watch the clan, I shall be back tomorrow morning." She took the herbs that the medicine cat had prepared for her and she hurried out of camp to the Moonpool. Rainy <3 YOU ALL! 20:32, December 27, 2012 (UTC)

Gingersplash went back to her den. Gingersplash was devastated that the old leader was dead, but knew that SIlverfrost would be worthy as a leader, too. She asked the leader before she left something, but Silverstar didn't hear.